Stop Your Smoking Habits! Find Out How To Look After Your Lungs

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Almost everyone now knows that smoking is not the healthiest thing that can cause severe lung damage. Every time you suck, your lungs are full of toxic chemicals, tar and nicotine from your cigarette.

But there is more bad news, unfortunately, the toxic waste remains in the lungs after exhaling. In fact, about 60 percent of this toxic substance sticks to your lungs and stays there even after exhaling. And over time, these toxins accumulate in your lungs. And in the end you get lung damage with smoking.

Excluding your brain, your lungs are the most fragile organ in your entire body. If your lungs are healthy, there are thousands of minute air chambers and passage ways. With each breath you take, oxygen is pulled into the lungs. After entering the lungs, oxygen is exchanged to the red blood cells in exchange for carbon dioxide. The carbon dioxide waste is eliminated from your body each time you exhale. This is the process of breathing and it takes place over 17,000 times each day.

In order to allow oxygen into your blood stream and get rid of the carbon dioxide , the minute air chambers in your lungs have to be clear and free of impurities and sediments that can clog the minuscule air passages and inhibit the oxygen/carbon dioxide exchange. In an effort to keep these tiny air-chambers clear your lungs contain of tiny hair like stalks that are called cilia. The cilia clean your lungs by unceasingly sweeping impurities and waste out of the passage ways to clear your lungs and maintain them.

When you smoke, toxins and chemicals are drawn into your lungs. If you just smoke the occasional cigarette, the cilia can efficiently clean your lungs. But if you chain smoke, the cilia are not able to efficiently do their job and this results in smoking lung damage . As time goes by, more and more of the tiny cilia are impaired, this makes the cleaning process almost impossible. Over time, toxins from cigarettes start to choke the microscopic air-ways.

Because there are fewer healthy cilia, they can no longer keep your lungs clear. As a result, your body relies on an alternative process in an attempt to clear your lungs. This is known as a cough. A smokers cough is your body’s way of aiding the cilia to keep your lungs clear.
So, what are your options if you have smoking lung damage? There are a number of solutions that can help in clearing your lungs.

If the smoking lung damage is not severe and you have not begun to show any symptoms, there are a number of different techniques that you can use to benefit the lungs.
If you have a mucus build-up condition that is causing you to have problems, stay away from milk and milk products. Try to include more foods that reduce mucus like garlic, cayenne pepper, fresh ginger, onion, fresh grounded black pepper, and horse radish.

Some people find that carrot juice is effective. Drink three servings of carrot juice every day. Beta carotene in carrot juice is converted to vitamin A, which plays an important role in lung cleansing.

Unfortunately, the simple solution described above does not work for those who have symptoms of severe lung injury, such as chronic cough. If this is your situation, you could benefit from a thorough detoxification of your lungs.

When you detoxify the lungs, you know how your lungs are damaged. Ask your doctor immediately for advice. The treatment immediately prevents the spread of lung damage. Love yourself and your family immediately stops smoking.

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